You can list your business in one, easy step. Our electronic order form asks you to complete the information we require, and in the same form, sets up a monthly or annual debit order instruction with e-signature. No need to print out forms and scan anything back, or having to rely on designers your side to get material to us. We do it all.

      Our rates are affordable and simple:

  • Annual Listing (1 x R1800 at sign-up)

  • Single Listing (2 x R1000 / 6 months)

  • Month-to-Month (12 x R200)

  • 2 to 5 Outlets (R3000 at sign-up)

For multiple store listings over and above 5 outlets, as well as quotes

on Banner Ads

Email for a special quote.

Go ahead, list your business NOW

(You will need to remain on-line. Have your VAT number and bank details handy)